Collaboration: September - November 2015


The Her Initiative is providing access to clean water and specific health & hygiene curriculum to women in the developing world. This is an initiative to get women here supporting women there.


 Photo Cred: Jenna Kutcher

Photo Cred: Jenna Kutcher

Have you ever met someone with a heart so full of love and ambition that you just knew they would change the world? That is the exact reason we are so excited to partner with The Her Initiative this month! They are passionate about their cause and are making real change in the world by not only providing clean water to those in need, but also by educating and empowering women to thrive.

Water can change a persons life, especially a woman in a developing country. Many women around the world spend up to 8 hours a day carrying water back to their families. Many times this water is unsafe and requires hours of boiling. All of this while running a household.

With no access to clean water she watches her children suffer from water – related diseases and diarrhea. Her daughter will likely drop out of school once puberty starts. And the cycle starts again.

So what if she has access to clean water?

A whole new cycle can begin. Instead of spending hours walking to get water, she can start a business. She is no longer worried about her children’s health. She is learning about health and hygiene and passing that information along to her daughter. Her daughter stays in school, goes to college, marries when she wants to, and starts a family of her own.

And the cycle starts again.


 Photo Cred: Jenna Kutcher

Photo Cred: Jenna Kutcher

Meet Kayla Fruchtman, Director of The Her Initiative, and one heck of a gals gal! 


Kayla has had a passion for empowering women for as long as she can remember! As a young teen she mentored younger girls at a summer camp and knew that empowering women and girls was always going to be a part of her life.  As Director of Development and Marketing for Healing Waters International, Kayla has been able to mesh her passion for women and girls with the most basic human need- clean water- by founding The Her Initiative, Healing Water’s answer to educating and empowering women and children! A woman cannot fully be empowered without access to clean water- its that simple. Kayla is lucky enough to have been empowered by so many of the amazing women (and men) in her life and her hope is to see that true for so many others! When she isn’t traveling to their project sites around the world, she is most happy playing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with her side-kick dog, Alfie!


We are so excited about the work The Her Initiative is doing

...this is what changing the world looks like.