Hey beautiful human! I'm Zoey!

I'm a fresh young lady who hails from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, but can usually be found jumping into cars or planes, saying yes to new possibilities! I have a history in dance and music, but lately, my days tend to revolve around living in an optimistic rawness & capturing it through my cameras. Yes, people pay me to take photos, but even when I'm off the job, I'm endlessly inspired to capture & share ordinary moments of truth and beauty through my images in hopes of inspiring others in personal, connective ways. Community is a huge passion of my heart, and I'm ever striving to help people embrace the realness of who they are, because everyone has value. My go-to activities include anything involving true people, rad places, and doughnuts. Huge emphasis on the doughnut part. I have a masters degree in spontaneity, and use it daily.