It all started with Justin Bieber and a blind date.

Maybe you don't believe in love at first sight. And I'm not saying it exists, but I'm saying there are moments when you meet a person and you just click. It doesn't have to be love, maybe it's friendship. That's what happened for me and my now business partner, Niki. Our little girls met on the playground and became fast friends over their love for (a young) Justin Bieber. They set us up on a "blind (play) date", and we couldn't be more thankful they did. 

We found it easy to talk about the little, but also the big stuff, sometimes the HUGE stuff. The stuff you're not supposed to share. I could say anything and I wasn't judged, I was accepted, heard, and understood.

Together we've overcome insecurities, fears, and helped each other become more bold, and brave then we've ever been. 

So that's what we did. She believed in me, and I believed in her.

And together our dreams became possible. 

There were a lot of tears, tons of chocolate, and always coffee. We didn't always believe we could, and I certainly didn't feel capable. But we didn't give up. We pushed through, learned some new things and decided it was worth it. With the help of some strong, smart and able women, we made this dream a reality.

So here it is. It's the Bloomerie.

It's about women. Moving beyond their insecurities and knowing they can. 

It's about collaboration. 

Every month we release a new t-shirt design inspired by the stories of female do-good entrepreneurs and their businesses.  We give $5 of each sale to that months company and cause.

We believe everything changes when we leave our insecurities behind, believe in ourselves, and support each other.


One more thing...

Value the friends who love on you and believe in you. They're your tribe.

And be crazy enough to believe that together, you can change the world.


- Nicole Matthews

Co-Founder of The Bloomerie