when bravery means living.


My alarm goes off and I leap out of bed, rushing to make it out the door so as not to hit traffic. Stopping for coffee along the way is inevitably going to send me into a killer drive thru line causing me to be late, but seriously- coffee. 

By the time the work day is over, I don't really even know what I've done. Sure I saw some clients, and had some conversations, but what did I have for lunch? Who did I talk to? All I know is that I'm ready to be home, to take off my shoes and start a cookie and Netflix binge, so I can fall asleep on the couch, move to bed around midnight, and wake up to do the same tomorrow morning.


That's all I can think when I look at this situation. How daunting.

There came a day when I realized I wanted more. More relationship. More purpose. More passion. Just more. I wanted to see the world, and breathe the air, and know why I was laughing and smiling. I wanted to cherish the things around me.

Bravery doesn't always look like running into the street to save a child, or taking a bear head on in battle. Sometimes bravery is simply choosing to live your life more boldly, more bravely, and more authentically.

We have to choose more- it doesn't just happen to us. An ordinary life is not what I'm meant for. And it's not what you're meant for either. We are on a bigger assignement. A higher calling. And there needs to be passion and purpose behind what we are doing otherwise we're, what? going through the motions? Living our lives, just to get to the end of our lives?

I don't want that. I want to soar. I want to choose how my days pan out, and what my conversations look like. I want to see greatness happening around me. And I believe I can. 

The moment I choose to be brave- to stand up and live my life- I notice a change. Things start falling into place, my world starts spinning.

It is a battle everyday to choose my intention for the day. It's hard to not fall into the rut, or go through the motions. It is a conscious decision, every moment of everyday, to be present, be real, and be here in the moment. But being in the moment, and striving for the things that truly bring me joy, and expecting more joy and greatness through the choices im making is what makes the conscious struggle worth it. And discovering my passion is so worth it. And cultivating raw real relationships with my TRIBE is worth it. And sitting here, chatting with you... well that is definitely worth it.

Choosing to live your life, instead of letting it be easy, that's brave.