have you heard? we're teaming up with some pretty awesome ladies.

There is something to be said about collaboration. People teaming up and using their best sides to create something new and unique that couldn’t have been done on their own. That’s what TRIBE is all about right? Coming together, defeating the odds together, being unified together?

This month we couldn’t be more excited to announce our new collaboration. Imagine an amazing shop full of beautiful things. Then think about the idea of that shop supporting artists and their stunning work. Now let’s go even further. Imagine us teaming up with a shop like this in order to support their dream of supporting artists. Well that’s what we’ve done. 

If you haven't heard yet, our latest collaboration has happened with the babes over at Chelley Co.

We are spending the next few month's teamed up with them exploring the idea of Locating Paradise, and we definitely encourage you to swing over to this page and read more about it!

We had the opportunity to sit down with the Danielle’s of Chelley Co. and pick their brain a bit. So what are they doing to bloom in their corner of the world? Let’s hear it from them!

Christina Cernik Photography

Tell us everything about Chelley Co!

Chelley Co. is an online shop and creative studio co-founded by Danni
Mitchell and Danielle Casey. We're a curated shop selling products made by
us, through collaborations or by Artists & Makers whose work is both
beautiful and inspirational.

Start from the beginning...

We daydreamed about owning our own company together over ten years ago when
we were teenagers. The real world happened fast and we parted ways to
attend college and began careers in both our respective fields. In 2012 we
realized we still yearned for a creative outlet of our own and we began to
brainstorm about how we could combine our talents. At that point we made
the bold move to stop waiting for our dream lives to begin and to start
creating them; and so we dove head first into Chelley Co.

What inspired you the most when you we're getting things started?

We've always both been very visual people with an eye for great design. We
wanted to bring something new and fresh to South Florida. The talent we
were discovering through living in other cities and on social media was so
inspirational; we wanted to provide an outlet that showcased it here in our

What inspires you the most now?

Our talented community. We're constantly connecting with like-minded
individuals and creatives and when we get together, it's like magic!

Speaking of inspiration, let's talk Locate Paradise!

The concept of Locate Paradise came from our philosophy of chasing our
passions, combining our talents and creating our own paradise. It's a daily
reminder to make a conscious choice to seek joy and revel in it despite
whatever else may be going on in our lives. It's an attitude that allows us
to appreciate what it is that we have.

Describe paradise for yourself?

Being happy with ourselves, our environments, our careers and our

What's your best advice for someone looking to locate paradise within their own life? 

Stop comparing yourself to others, breathe easy, always take time to enjoy
your friends and family and treat yourself!

Why does Chelley Co. want to partner with give-back companies?

Finding other like-minded companies is so satisfying; when we discover one
with a similar aesthetic and philosophy, it's inspiring - especially if
they are giving back to the community we continuously want to see blossom.
After speaking with Nicole about her and Nikki's partnership, goals and
beliefs; we felt we were meant to work together. Not to mention the crazy
name coincidence -- Danielle/Danni & Nicole/Nikki -- it's like the stars

Whats the next bold and brave move for the ladies at Chelley Co.?

We have a few things up our sleeve that we can't quite reveal yet, but we
can let you know that we plan to evolve and grow in very bold and brave
ways this year!

We couldn't be more excited to have you join us in this new season of boldness happening here at The Bloomerie, as we chat about where we've found paradise, how we locate it in the midst of tough situations, and what it looks like be bold and brave. 

Look forward to seeing new tees, new inspirations, and new faces around here!