i'm going to tie a knot around my finger.

 Bold Brave Tayllor Lemphers, Founder of  Forget Me Knots

Bold Brave Tayllor Lemphers, Founder of Forget Me Knots


I am valuable.

I am worthy.

I am an enough.


My heart, my soul, my deepest entities that make up the fullest form of myself exist at all points in time within me. That never changes. Thank goodness, because I don't know where I would be without those things embedded in me.

But it never fails that somewhere along the way I lose sight of my true self. My heart and soul. I start getting caught up in the crazy. I start believing the lies I've been told, and the situations I've been thrown into. I start letting them form my truth.

What is your true identity? Who do you aim to be and what is the purpose that lies there? Do you remember your story- the one that created you to be who you are? Do you remember your lessons- the ones you've learned that taught you to be true to yourself?

Tayllor Lemphers is one of the most beautiful hearted women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She radiates with a spirit that lights up a room, and brings a smile to your face. But, Tayllor, has spent many years of her life struggling to know her worth due to girl on girl bullying. 


That was rarely a word that rang in her head.

But on a life changing journey to South Africa, she heard these words

Who you are, your worth, your value, your significance is not defined by outside sources. You were created, as a perfect, beautiful, wonderful being, no matter what anyone else tells you, or what life throws at you.

Things changed for Tayllor. She began living out her true identity. And on top of that, she gained a new perspective on women around her.

We all struggle. We are all lacking confidence in certain areas, and battling through an insecurity. And at some point in time we have all taken on an identity that others have created for us, versus the one that is true.

As a reminder of her identity Tayllor created The Forget Me Knots. A beautiful little ring to keep around her finger. 

As a mission so spread this message she wants to share those knots with you. They are gorgeous, and pure and offer the opportunity to bring truth to women all over the world. With each purchase you receive an additional ring to give to your best gal. Because she needs to be reminded too.

She is valuable.

She is worthy.

She is enough.

Swing by The Forget Me Knots. Read about Tayllor. Read about the movement. And most of all start talking! Share your story using #ForgetMeKnots #WearWorthy  and #BoldBraveYou so we can stay inspired, encouraged, and together.