lost in paradise

What is paradise anyway?

We're talking about it a lot around here at The Bloomerie. So, what is it exactly that we're looking for?

Merriam-Webster states "paradise is a state of bliss, felicity or delight."

Maybe for you that is sand between your toes, the warm sun on your face and the swooshing sounds of the ocean lingering in your ears.

Maybe it is a warm coffee cup in your hands as you are wrapped up in your favorite blanket reading a good book.

When thinking about my paradise, I had both thoughts and although they were good…it just wasn’t quite right.

As I spent time wondering when I am most truly alive, truly inspired, truly in my paradise, I began to realize that my paradise was lost. It was lost in my busy.

The ironic thing here is that my happy place was lost in the same place it was found- in others.

My paradise is hearing your dreams and encouraging and empowering you to achieve it. My happiest moments in life are seeing joy in others and knowing they are seeking out their paradise and purpose. What I had succumbed to, though, was not intentional relationships, but people pleasing opportunities that kept me so busy that I didn’t know I had even strayed. Yes, it seemed I was making others happy, but it was out of obligation, not true deep-rooted, soul-searching relationship.

And that is most certainly not my paradise. I want to cultivate, and grow, and build relationship with you. I want to know your heart of hearts. But I must slow down to do this. I must quiet my mind, and clear the chaos, and be present with you.

I don’t know what or where your paradise is, but I encourage you to slow down and seek it out. I’m so happy I started that journey and I can’t wait to do it with you.