bloom where you're planted

Did you know that even in the every day, you are amazing? 

It's easy to look past the beauty and opportunity around us and fall for the "grass is always greener on the other side" idea. 

But consider this- Paradise is not lost where you are. Look around and find the things that inspire you, the things that bring your paradise right to your heart. 

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and find yourself pining over the lives of everyone else? I know I do. It's as if their lives are so amazing and mine could be too if only I (insert super awesome adjective or at insanely gorgeous vacation locale here.) Don't let yourself fall for this trap. We all know the grass isn't always greener on the the other side, and we owe it to ourselves to look around and locate the paradise right around us!

Find the things in your everyday life that inspire you- and soon you'll start to bloom right where you're planted.

Girl, you can be bold, brave, and beautiful right where you are! It's time to be bold and see what's fab in your world. Be brave, and branch out to the things you've never noticed. Bloom by finding the joy and letting your heart be full with the things you have in your life.

It's a good life, anywhere you are!