are you ready to run?

We have been called to Run Wildly.

This is not only a call to run after the thrills of life, but this is a call to discover the core-desires of your heart. You were created with greatness woven into your very nature, and you were designed with the hunger to run.

So to you, my tribe, I invite you into the brave process of discovering the

Birthdays force depth. They bring to light the delicate balance of being a present person, and understanding that each decision is future altering. I realized this a few birthdays back. I could either pray and search for a word, for a promise, to declare over my upcoming year, or I could look back and try to summarize who I became.

I want my days to be marked by that abundant, over-flowing with meaning, bursting at the seams, wake up each day glowing… life. 

I want to look back at the years behind me, not as the glory days, but as the days that propelled me to the glory that I didn't even know could exist.

This year, I will run wildly.

This is not just a call for me, the individual, no; this is a call for us, the community of incredible, impactful women.

How can you charge your sphere of influence to run wildly this year? Link arms with the ladies next to you and let’s discover our run.

Running wildly alongside you,