just because they say it doesn't make it true.


There are things we think about ourselves. And then there are things we KNOW about ourselves.

Throughout our lives we are continually influenced by the people around us. Our families, our teachers, that really mean boss you had at your first job, the really awesome boss you have now, and every boyfriend in between each of those jobs. They all have a major impact on how we have learned to view ourselves.

The unfortunate part is that sometimes the way others define us, is more about how they feel about us in their lives versus who we actually are.

You see, people don’t know your intentions.  Perceptions get skewed, and the intention they assume you had is suddenly the intention you DID have. The way they thought you said something is officially the way you actually meant it.

They speak into our lives, teaching us who we are based on the perception of how they view us.

They teach us what to think of ourselves. And we take it, and we identify with it, because it was said, so it must be true. But maybe you are more than that. Maybe they don’t know you. Or maybe they are so caught up in their own struggles that they can’t see you for anything but what they want to see you as.

You have a right to know the truth about yourself.

You have a right to fall in love, and be confident and comfortable in all of the things that are really you.

I started keeping a journal about two years ago. It’s where I keep my Truths. The things I know about myself. Day by day this journal has filled up with beautiful things that I have come to know are true about my character, spirit, and heart.

Sometimes it takes an event in my life to occur, and the way I naturally respond sends a little bell in my head defining my character in that moment. I am brave. Sometimes it’s as simple as recognizing that I consistently feel the same thing in the midst of similar situations. I am empathetic. Other times it looks like a friend pointing out something that is so obvious I don’t register it as a truth. I am silly.

My book keeps growing. And it has become one of my favorite things to look at. I’ve drawn out beautiful words across the pages- Bold and Big. I’ve then gone through and defined how I know those to be true about myself. What situations have I represented this in? How does it make my heart feel? How do I know this is true?

And anytime I question it, or anytime I feel afraid or insecure, or anxious I can go here- to this book, and be reminded of who I am. I can turn down the thoughts others are putting in my mind and speak boldly about the truth of my character.

I AM kind even if I am not letting him use me as a punching bag. I AM brave even if I struggle with anxiety sometimes. I AM adventurous even if I don’t want to go skydiving. I AM a dreamer even if my dreams aren’t as big as someone else’s.

What are your truths?

Who are you at the core of your heart?