have you looked into her heart?

The clothes you wear, and the color of your hair gives off an impression of who you are. No matter how much you want to fight it- people make judgements based on your appearance.

But, what if people could make their first impression based on your full story?

What if people could see you from across the room and create an opinion of you based on the day that you've had, versus the fake smile plastered on your face? What if someone could hear the goodness of your heart just in your hello? What if they could know your depths and not just your surface.

The depths are the good parts. There is no denying that.

We all have a story. A great big, bold story of the hurt, hardships and turmoil that we've been through. We have a story of the love we've shared and the laughs we've had.

There is so much more than what our outside elements make us appear to be. Yet, how often do we see others just as their outer shell and forget to take the time to break under the surface and see the beautiful spirit that lies within?

Take a natural stone- rough and rugged on the outside, glistening, gorgeous jewels on the inside. There is so much more to see when you dig a little deeper.

We are proud to stand by Bracha in the #wearit2endit movement, as they use natural stones and elements to continually remind us of the beauty within. 

These stones have been dedicated to helping women trapped in modern day slavery to discover the beauty they have within. Bracha is working to fund movements that are freeing women and taking a stand for their lives everyday, and we couldn't think of a better brand to stand by. 

How are you seeking beauty in others today? Are you working to make sure the women around you can see all of the jewels they have buried within? If you can find them in her, it will be much easier for her to find them within herself. We owe this to each other, right? To look deeper? To not make rash judgements? And to support the babes around us so they can share their bold, brave hearts?

Let's take a stand today.