if i can do it, you can do it.

Life is short.

This is a message Holly learned all too quickly when her dad passed away when she was eighteen.

Watching her dad bravely run a business, take risks, and try to conquer even the hardest tasks was something that stuck with her even after his passing.

She made a decision for herself in this time- to wake up everyday with a positive attitude excluding judgement and criticism of herself, set her fear of failure aside and attack her dreams head on. Her motto is a little something like, "If I can do it, you can do it," and it exudes from her as she speaks. In this moment, she started DBH Boutique, a handmade nickel- free jewelry company.

Encouraging women to be everything they can be, confronting their fears and making the most out of their short lived lives is truly DBH Boutique stands for. Nothing thrills Holly more than seeing women rocking her designs and giving these handmade pieces as gifts to their loved ones, knowing that it may mean someone will be inspired to follow their dreams! Because, if a girl next door from Nebraska can start a business out of her love for crafting jewelry why can't you?

 Snag some  DBH Boutique goodies by clicking here , and keep up with Holly  @DBHBoutique

Snag some DBH Boutique goodies by clicking here, and keep up with Holly @DBHBoutique

You can be a clothing designer.

You can write a book.

You can travel the world.

You can grow a garden.

You can be more. Give more. Do more. If it aligns with your heart.

What are your passions? What are your dreams? And what steps can you take to get there?

We love sharing the story of bold, brave women around the world. Because, the more you do, the more we can all do. Don't forget you are a light, babe. Don't ever stop being you. We, at The Bloomerie, are here to support you. Seriously. Tell us where we can find you, your business, or your passion, and we would love to check you out.